ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) on Sunday said that the council has managed to issue 5,000 registration certificates to medical practitioners.

According to PMDC spokesperson, doctors from all over the country and abroad have shown great pleasure over revival of PMDC and their disposal of registration certificates by PMDC.

He said that all stakeholders and doctors community has appreciated the efforts of the PMDC that after its opening after six months there had been a backlog of almost 6,534 pending registration cases.

He said that the majority cases had been resolved in just 25 days with minimum number of staff due to COVID-19, who worked day and night shifts.  He added since the office had been opened approximately 5,500 new cases had been received from doctors for registration.

The spokesperson said that PMDC staff was very enthusiastic and working day and night to facilitate the doctors. He said that keeping in view the COVID-19 situation; doctors should send their documents to PMDC by postal services to avoid any inconvenience.

He said that due to COVID-19, PMDC was facing a lot of problems and it delayed printing of certificates as PMDC was closed for six months. Despite the COVID pandemic, PMDC had requested the National Printing Press to issue certificates on urgent basis as the council’s certificates were very secure and cannot be tampered.

He said that PMDC was trying to issue provisional registrations certificates on priority to fresh doctors as they were already late for house jobs and there was a dire need of doctors at the moment due to the pandemic.