Recently, we are seeing Chief Minister Buzdar grow into his role. While taking charge of the affairs and remaining at the forefront of media, his directions to his cabinet to produce performance reports of their departments is what people expect from a capable administrator.

So far, Mr Buzdar’s demeanour tells us that he’s a firm believer in “actions speak louder than words.” If the performance reports sincerely evaluate the departments’ progress, the CM’s strategy will prove quite useful in putting the province back on the right track. It will jolt cabinet members out of complacency, and that is ultimately beneficial for the people of the province. It will also be a sector-based appraisal, that will pave the way for changes or adjustments in portfolios, if needed. Furthermore, these progress reports will allow the CM to know which department needs how much of his attention. CM Buzdar, who faced a lot of criticism for being unprepared and inexperienced until recently, is proving naysayers wrong in his own subtle way.

Once cabinet members have submitted their reports, the real work must begin. It has become glaringly obvious that sectors such as health and education need serious work all over the country. Punjab is no different. At the same time, here lies an opportunity for the CM to give his much-needed attention to the historically neglected region of South Punjab. As someone who hails from the region, he is best positioned to begin a transformation. Punjab is doing well, but there is always room for improvement. After this latest assessment, hopefully we will see work being done more efficiently.