No one denies that this is a hard time for the world now due to coronavirus. Every workplace and business remain closed and the world currently is facing a long term of lockdown which is causing many losses on the economy of every country.

On the other hand, poor people are facing immense troubles to earn money for getting two times food. Furthermore, the schools, universities, and other learning institutions are off; thus obtaining a quality education has become very hard for the youth of our country because students are facing lots of problems in online classes because in the home there is too much noise and they can not concentrate very well. On the other hand, the internet is slow and some of the students neither have mobiles nor money to buy it.

However, it is rightly said that there is always a way if there is a will. There is still time to live happily and everyone can start to live a prosperous life if they individually take safety measurements to stay safe then they can succeed.

There are some people who say that the virus is just a conspiracy to deprive the religious people of prayers and some people say that the virus is just a stratagem to earn money from other rich countries as donations or support. Now let me ask a question to these people who think that the virus is a conspiracy. Do you not see the dead people who have died due to the virus? So, if the death of the corona patients are real, then how is coronavirus fake?

At least, everyone should accept it if they can not do something good, they must at least not create more problems.