Can anyone explain to me why democracy is so fragile in Pakistan? Every now and than, I read statements of various stalwarts underlining that aspect. The other day I even heard Fauzia Wahab talking about the possibility of derailment of democracy. Democracy is flourishing at present in more than half the world so why it is under constant threat in Pakistan? Why does it fear the uniformed force so much? Are some foreign countries threatening? Despite having Friends of Pakistan around the world, we are scared to death? Why dont our politicians mend their ways? Our tragedy, it seems, is that our so-called democrat is more of a dictator than the worst of dictators can be. The so-called democratic PPP has taken almost two years to finally give it a think to shedding the 58-2B from the constitution and annulling the 17th amendment. Why blame Musharraf for being an autocrat? We are all shameless, unscrupulous and selfish. -AMJAD HABIB MIRZA, Lahore November 8.