For the first time in the history of Pakistan, we have a government full of intellectuals. Every time we see a PPP minister, senator or advisor, we feel proud of the lot we have in power. The other day Minister of Information Mr. Kaira told us point blank that sugar is available everywhere. He is very right. It was and is available for only about Rs. 80 to 100 per kg. Everywhere. Another minister has told us to boycott sugar. According to the father of economics, Adam Smith, if there is no demand, prices come down. So if we all boycott sugar, it will probably become cheaper. The same formula could be applied to electricity. If we all stop using electricity, there will be no shortfall of electricity and, hence, no loadshedding. I think people of Pakistan should also stop consuming roti, meat, chicken, rice, diesel, kerosene oil, petrol and all such things, which they want to buy on the cheap. Our President, before becoming the President, once said on television that restoration of judiciary was never a PPP slogan. The PPP slogan, he said, was roti, kapra and makaan. Those who wish to hold him to that need to think again; he never said that PPP would provide roti, kapra and makaan to the poor people of Pakistan. He said it was 'PPPs slogan. By that he probably meant that PPP government would make sure that no man gets any of these. -QAMARUL HASAN AJNABI, Warburton, November 10.