Through your newspaper, we wish to draw the attention of the Clifton Cantonment Board to look into this matter concerning our health. We reside in Clifton block 8 near Aghas Supermarket, a big departmental store. The triangular piece of land behind the Supermarket is an amenity plot ideal for a small park. Unfortunately, this area has been converted into a parking bay for generators that are humgunous in size and polluting in the extreme. The amount of soot they emit is something seen to be believed. A thicket of trees has been grown around them to conceal them from public view but even leaves of the trees have withered to be a deep rust due to the soot emitted from their exhaust pipes. The walls of the surrounding buildings are coated in black. The air we inhale smells of diesel and the noise pollution excruciating as these generators are working from 9.30am to 10pm till the Supermarket closes. Even when the KESC supply is on, these generators operate without a break, even on Sundays, probably because the electricity is more expensive than diesel. The old people living in the vicinity need rest from the constant noise and children are having respiratory problems too. The Clifton Cantonment Board has proudly put up boards everywhere saying Keep Clifton green and clean. Is that the way to do it? -MRS. KIDWAI, Karachi, November 9.