I am just thinking about the past rulers of Pakistan Sikandar Mirza, Gen. Ayub, Gen. Yahya, Gen. Zia and Gen. Pervez Musharrafthe ones responsible for break-up of Pakistan and bringing it to the present state of ruin. Excluding General Musharraf, all the rest are dead and grounded in dust. They did everything wrong and evil they could to save their power even though, it destabilized Pakistan in the process. None learned a lesson from history. The new Caesar, Asif Zardari is following the same agenda as General Musharraf, dictated from the high by the Americans. O Allah, bless our nation with the leadership of people like Majeed Nizami and Dr. Javed Iqbal who can free the country from the clutches of the superpower. O Allah Give us the courage to say no to US aid and to crush all those who have come with ulterior motives in this region. -I.U. JAIRAL, Mirpur, November 10.