The Chief Justice of Pakistan is doing a good job considering the limitations he has. The way cases in the courts have started to move at a faster pace is heartening. What is needed now is for the courts concerning the Revenue Department to be streamlined too, so that the cases lingering for more than a year be disposed off quickly. Todays newspapers are full of the NRO fiasco and about Seymour Herschs article about safeguarding our nuclear assets. These topics are, indeed, very important but our media, and the chattering classes, should not forget that before the criminal element entered the ranks of Taliban, the common man was enamoured to their doctrine due to swift justice dispensed by them. It would be a great irony of fate if we forget this lesson of the Taliban problem. Rule of law and a vibrant, honest and free press are our only saviours in these turbulent times. An honest and principled judiciary our last hope. If we overlook these facts, we would sink into oblivion. Today the political parties are facing a dearth of leaders who can look into the eye of the citizen and proclaim that he is honest and working for his benefit. The handful who can are being sidelined. -MAZHER ALI SHAH, Nowshera, November 9.