LAHORE - Vice President Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry Faisal Iqbal Sheikh has said that the women entrepreneurs need to play their role with greater reliance, self esteem and dedication for the economic growth of the country and for the purpose they should inculcate leadership skills for which the Lahore Chamber of Commerce would continue to play its role. The LCCI Vice President was speaking at a function arranged in honor of women entrepreneurs here at the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry. LCCI former President Mian Shafaqat Ali and Convener Standing Committee on Women Resource Center Nasira Taskeen also spoke on the occasion. The LCCI Vice President said that no country in world could have prosperity and progress without due participation of women in all spheres of life. He said that it was encouraging that now there was a consensus in Pakistan as well, that the best way to achieve womens emancipation is through economic independence, which can be achieved through an increased participation of women in economic activity and entrepreneurship. Faisal Iqbal Sheikh said that according to a UN report the economic development is closely related to the advancement of women. In countries where women have advanced, the economy has usually been steady. By contrast, in countries where women have been restricted, the economy has been stagnant. The LCCI VP linked the progress of the country with the participation of women in economic activities stating that the women have better chances to excel for having better managerial skills. Convener LCCI Standing Committee Ms. Nasira Taskeen said that the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry would utilise all its resources to solve the issues being faced by the businesswomen. She said that all measures were being taken to ensure the participation of women entrepreneurs in LCCI foreign delegations or for their participation in foreign exhibitions as they had to face troubles with particular reference to their business visits. Speaking on the occasion, the LCCI former President Mian Shafqat Ali said that women constitute fifty-two per cent of the total population of the country but only eleven per cent are engaged in business activity and are contributing to national economy while remaining have been confined to household affairs. Therefore, there was a dire need to engage more and more women into business activities to promote national economy. He said that in recent years government has been focusing more on the development of women entrepreneurs in the country but due attention is needed by offering focused opportunities in export of goods to international market. He urged the government to come up with a more aggressive package for the women entrepreneurs in coming budget. He said that the conditions have much improved in Pakistan, both in rural and urban areas. Todays women are well aware of their rights, are equally educated and are entering into non-traditional businesses like boutiques, beauty parlors, textile designing, printing and publishing, architecture, banking, I.T., business management, fashion designing etc. He said LCCI would leave no stone unturned for the betterment of women entrepreneurs. He said that women entrepreneurs should acquire modern techniques for business promotion and come forward with new ideas.