LAHORE - Veteran leader Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali is scheduled to call on Mian Nawaz Sharif here on Thursday (today) to discuss the possibility of unifying all factions of the PML, an idea which irritates the PML-N Quaid because of the past conduct of the leaders of other factions, Jamali wants to bring on the same platform. PML-N sources have no doubt that Jamalis meeting will not lead to any breakthrough as the principled stand of Nawaz Sharif is very clear and there is not going to be slightest shift in it The Baloch leaders similar parleys with PML-Q President Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain a few days ago have already failed to make any headway, claims to the contrary by either side notwithstanding. Shujaat is reported to have said that dissident PML-Q legislators cooperating with the Punjab government at present should be returned to their mother party before holding unity talks, a condition which cannot be met by anyone as the 'rebels are unwilling to go back to the PML-Q and the PML-N is also in no mood to abandon them. The likeminded group is also not inclined to rejoin the PML-Q unless Shujaat quits as head of the party, a position they allege he is holding in violation of the party constitution. Informed sources told The Nation on Wednesday that a request for the meeting had come from Jamali and that he had been told in clear terms that he should not bring anyone else with him. PML-N sources that merger of all PML factions into a single entity is just a dream of those who have changed their loyalties many a time during the past years. They say the PML-Ns stand on the coup staged by Musharraf in October 1999 is very clear. However, leaders of other factions have been partners in power with the coup leader. Questioning the sincerity of the unity preachers, the PML-N sources say that Pir Pagaros party is still a coalition partner with the PPP both at the Center and in Sindh. A PPP partner cannot be a partner of the PML-N, a leader said, requesting that he be not named. Similarly, he said, it was not just a coincidence that leaders of various PML factions met Pir Pagaro one after the other. The meetings, the sources said, had been arranged by some invisible hands that have always played a role in making or breaking of alliances. PML-N sources further say that the Chaudhrys dont want unification of the PML groups and it is for this reason that they are critical of the PML-N leadership and friendly to the PPP. The Chaudhrys, the sources said, have been accused of involvement in the Bank of Punjab scandal and, thus, will like to stay as allies of the PPP to escape accountability.