LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that students of Balochistan studying in the Punjab will play role of such a bridge which will not only remove misunderstandings between the two provinces, but will also enhance mutual love and understanding. He said that these students were ambassadors of the Punjab and Pakistan, and should take with them a message of peace and love. He was addressing a ceremony held in honour of the students of Balochistan studying at various educational institutions of the Punjab. Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Muhammad Aslam Khan Raisani, ministers of both the provinces, leaders of Balochistan Muslim League Sardar Yaqub Khan Nasir, Nawabzada Changez Khan Mari, members of national and provincial assemblies, intellectuals, columnists, teachers and a large number of students attended the function. Addressing the ceremony, Shahbaz said he was thankful to the Balochistan CM who came Lahore on Wednesday. He said that the function was being held in the same hall where four provinces had agreed upon the NFC Award a few months ago. He said that this was a good omen that Baloch, Pakhtoon, Barohi and Punjabi students were getting education together in the best institutions of the Punjab which had been providing them an opportunity to remove doubts and misunderstandings by sitting together like brothers. He said that we had sent the position-holder students on study tours of Europe, which included students of four provinces and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, adding that it was a milestone for enhancing the image and solidarity of Pakistan. He also announced to double the quota of students of Balochistan studying in the Punjab from the Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF) and the Cheema Long Scheme. He maintained that the PEEF was playing a historic role for providing educational opportunities to the talented students. Shahbaz said that Punjabis living in Balochistan were brothers of their Baloch countrymen. He said that the Balochistan CM informed him that the situation in Balochistan was improving. Addressing on the occasion, Balochistan CM Raisani said that it was imperative to inform the young generation about latest knowledge and changing trends for moulding Pakistan in accordance with the ideals of Allama Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam. He said that education was such a weapon which could put the country on a road to progress and prosperity. He said that effective steps were being taken for promotion of education in Balochistan and recruitment of 4,000 Baloch youth in Pak Army was a matter of pride. He also thanked the Punjab CM for increasing the seats for the students of Balochistan in educational institutions of the Punjab. He advised the students to concentrate on their education. Balochistan Education Minister Tahir Mahmood Khan also addressed the function. Earlier, Punjab CMs senior advisor Sardar Zulfiqar Ali Khan Khosa in his welcome address welcomed the Balochistan CM and ministers on behalf of the Punjab.