LAHORE - Notwithstanding the federal governments claims, a senior leader of the PML-Q insists that Blackwater is operating in south Punjab. Veteran politician and MNA Riaz Hussain Pirzada, who hails from Bahawalpur, said while talking to TheNation Wednesday that the notorious organisation planned to provoke sectarian unrest in the region with a view to mounting pressure on the Pak Army to do as the US authorities asked them to. Interior Minister Rehman Malik has repeatedly denied the presence of Blackwater in any part of the country. He claimed that the Blackwater had its presence in Bahawalpur, Bahawalnagar and Rahim Yar Khan, while the members of infamous mercenary organisation were also operating in other southern parts of Punjab including Dera Ghazi Khan, Khanewal and Multan. It is pertinent to mention that the districts of Bahawalnagar, Rahim Yar Khan and Bahawalpur border India and are considered to be sensitive from security point of view The seasoned political leader while expressing his fears about the foreign operatives presence said the Blackwater was trying to spark sectarian violence in the country, especially in southern Punjab, which was supposed to be a hotbed of sectarianism. The activities of the infamous organisation in the aforementioned districts have become more dangerous in the backdrop of the fact that the stated districts border India, he added. Pirzada asserted that the main objective of the United States to abet sectarian strife in Pakistan through organisations like Blackwater was to pressurise the Pak Army to do more in the war on terror; however, the US should not forget the fact that Pak Army could not be forced to bow through these tactics, as it was one of the best professional military services of the world. When asked about the source of information, Pirzada said every politician having his vote bank in remote areas had his own effective network to get first hand information about his opponent, and the similar sources had informed him about the 'suspected low profile movements and activities of foreign operatives They, Pirzada claimed, were the members of Blackwater cover agents working under various disguises not only in southern Punjab but also in other parts of the country. About the residential facilities of the foreign operatives in the stated districts, he replied that they had not set up any permanent accommodation so far. They mostly stayed in the suburban areas temporarily and shifted to other places after completing their assignments.