PRESIDENT Zardari has once again made an overture to India by stating that Pakistan is open to dialogue because it wants to resolve all issues including Kashmir in an amicable manner. At the same time the Defence Minister has stated that Pakistan and India should jointly combat terrorism. All these statements reflect Pakistans consistent effort to bring India to the dialogue table as well as cooperate with it in order to resolve outstanding disputes peacefully. Unfortunately, Indias obduracy on the dialogue process and on the Kashmir conflict have made it only too apparent that India takes any conciliatory outreach by Pakistan as a sign of weakness rather than a desire for peace which would benefit both countries. So it is time the Pakistani leadership stopped wasting its breath on such noble sentiments, which are merely rebuked by the Indians, and became more active diplomatically and politically in asserting its support for the Kashmiri intifada and exposing Indian duplicity and abuse of human rights in Occupied Kashmir. As for the desire for a resumption of the dialogue with India, our leadership should stop showing such excessive eagerness and wait it out. At some point, India will have to resume the composite dialogue with Pakistan if it wants to further its own ambitions in the region and globally. Defence Minister Mukhtar also needs to realise that it would be difficult for India to cooperate on terrorism with Pakistan because it is itself involved in conducting state terrorism in Occupied Kashmir and aiding and abetting militancy and terrorism within Pakistan. In addition, while it is unprepared to punish perpetrators of terrorism like the identified guilty who carried out the attack on the Samjhota Express, it continues to harp on Pakistan allegedly not doing enough on Mumbai a refrain that has become only too repetitive on the part of the US also. At the moment India is riding on a high as a result of the Obama visit and his commitment to support the Indian quest for permanent membership in the UNSC. While this is definitely a boost for this Indian ambition, it is not enough in itself for success. There are many who oppose Indias desire to become a permanent UNSC member and there are a number of states who want to reform the UN holistically. This is the time for Pakistan to renew its activism on UN reform. Pakistan also needs to move on the international front to expose Indian armed forces and security personnels human rights abuses and repression of the Kashmiris. But for all this to happen Pakistan needs to have a coherent and principled Kashmir policy. That is what the leadership needs to focus on.