EVA Longoria is planning to adopt a child from Haiti. Sources say the Desperate Housewives actress - whos married to basketball hunk Tony Parker - is desperate to start a family, but its not practical for her to get pregnant. Theyre exploring a few different places where children are seeking a forever home, from poorer areas of Central America to Haiti, a source said. They plan to reach a decision soon. SS Haiti was struck by an earthquake earlier this year, leaving many people homeless and creating hundreds of orphans. Eva wants to start a family now, so they will adopt, the source explained. But she and Tony plan to get pregnant in a year or so, and maybe have two children that way. Eva has previously revealed that shes keen to have lots of babies. Having a big family is really important to both of us, she said. I feel more confident in myself now, and Tony and I would love for children to happen - though were in no rush.