IT is the ultimate boys toy - and the stuff of dreams for anyone who spent their youth crouched next to a 'figure-of-eight Scalextric set. This miniature Formula One track is 44m (145ft) long, with slots for four cars to race around 19 turns. It also features a 6m (20ft) bridge and pit lanes, plus scenery including safety cars, cameras and skyscrapers. There is even a helipad, presumably so a tiny Bernie Ecclestone can arrive in style. The model was built from scratch - and note thats not Scalextric track hes used - by car fanatic James Harlan, who said: 'I guess you could say Ive always had a need for speed. 'But I suppose Ive taken it pretty far beyond what has already been done. 'Sometimes when I sit back and look at it, I realise I have created something quite extraordinary. Unsurprisingly, hes not short of friends who want to go for a spin on it. 'I hold race nights with about 30 people and I run it all properly with qualifying laps and everything, he added. Metro Mr Harlan has even re-created the Le Mans 24-hour race (albeit cut to 14 minutes) where on-track lighting is used for the night time part of the race. He created the 1:32 scale track in his basement in White Lake, Michigan, using little more than copper tape, medium-density fibreboard, electrical wire and some paint. He said: 'This isnt the end - Ive only just begun. Metro