THE woebegone tale of Pakistani prisoners set free by Indian authorities at the Wagha border is, in all conscience, a veritable insult to a democratic state that India pretends to be. Apart from the atrocities that the Kashmiris have experienced for ages, this provides yet another example of Indian state terrorism. A total of 64 prisoners were released and some of them were so brutally roughed up that our Rangers was seen carrying them on stretchers and providing them medical treatment. It appears they were beaten not because of any crime but simply because of the fact they were Pakistani citizens. It is unfortunate, to say the least, that the Indian security forces behaved in the worst possible manner with these prisoners as if they were terrorists, sponsored by Islamabad to cause mayhem in India. The prisoners later told reporters that the Indian police kept asking them about the intention of their visit and tried to torture them to force a confession that they had come for criminal purposes. It is indeed commonplace for the Indian security personnel to treat every Pakistani unwarily stepping across the border as a suspect sent on a mission to harm India. There have been, of course, a number of innocent Pakistanis who in the past have been framed as terrorists on trumped up charges, merely to badmouth Pakistan as a terrorist safe haven before the international community. Given the state of the border between Pakistan and India, there is every possibility for the people on the border to cross over into Indian territory or vice versa. One worries the most about the plight of fishermen who, because of lack of any demarcation at high seas, trespass on the Indian side of the border, and have to face the most humiliating treatment at the hands of the authorities. But while the Pakistani authorities treat the Indians according to law and release them on time, the behaviour of the Indian police simply beggars description. The Indian establishment is only living up to its reputation of being a ruthless entity.