ISLAMABAD In yet another coercive measure to suppress the unprecedented uprising in Indian Kashmir (IHK), the 'inseparably amorous bond of Indo-US nexus is set to link the Kashmiri struggle movement with al-Qaeda sponsored terrorism. Earlier, in August this year, a report issued by the US Treasury Department had made lead stories in national and foreign media. The report had termed Harakat-ul-Jihad-ul-Islami as terrorist organisation and an offshoot of al-Qaeda. The report with some 'novel changes to target Kashmirs freedom movement has widely been circulated in the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) since the start of this month. The Treasury Departments report had mentioned that the US and UN had blacklisted HuJI for spreading terrorism in Afghanistan and South Asia. The Report had not specified any particular terrorist organisation other then HuJI. In acting together, the United States and United Nations are today taking another important step in combating the threat that Al-Qaeda and its affiliated organisations pose to innocent people around the world, the state Departments report had said. Interestingly, on the other hand, the 'renovated report, a copy of which stays with TheNation, is more or less a reproduction of Treasury Departments findings on HuJI been sent across related quarters in UN Afghanistan lately. It mentions The threats posed by terrorist organisations loom large in Indias security volatile Southern and Eastern border areas, that is a clear reference to IHK and Manipur freedom movements. It is perhaps in the backdrop of these reports that the US President Barrack Obama does not utter a word on human rights violations in Kashmir. Instead, grounds are being dug to term Kashmiri leaders as terrorists only to turn international opinion against the IHK uprising. We have reports that India would try to malign Kashmiri political parties by labelling them as Jehadi organisations only to suppress the freedom struggle. In the past, India kept blaming Pakistan for sponsoring unrest in Kashmir and now India is going to 'legalise its assertions by blacklisting us, Nizam Shahid, veteran former Kashmiri freedom fighter told this scribe from Srinagar. He said that the people of IHK indigenously sponsored the Kashmiris freedom struggle. Nobody but Kashmiris run Kashmirs freedom movement. Senior Kashmiri leaders including Syed Yousf Naseem, Syed Faiz Naqshbandi, Sarmad Dar and Nizam Shahid, during conversations with TheNation on different occasions, had time and again, expressed concerns that India was bent upon establishing that Kashmiri freedom lovers are terrorists linked to al-Qaeda and with the US at its back, India has seemingly found a way to do so.