LAHORE - Worst traffic mess was witnessed here at Ferozepur Road on Wednesday as an Assistant Superintendent along with Jail staff badly tortured a bus driver and passengers publicly outside the Camp Jail. The jail officer intercepted the bus to teach a lesson to the driver, as according to his claim, the bus driver was likely to hit his car. Not enough, the Assistant Superintendent Camp Jail Ali Akbar also illegally detained the driver of Daewoo Bus (Route No 10) and two passengers in the Camp jail for more than two hours over wrong driving. Eyewitnesses said that Assistant Superintendent Jail riding his private car stopped the bus at near Camp Jail at Ferozepur Road on Wednesday noon. The Jail officer took out the driver, later identified as Mirza Shabbir Ahmed Baig, from the bus and started beating him on the road. As the bus passengers tried to intervene into the situation, he called in police force from the Jail and badly tortured the driver and three passengers who had tried to stop him from torturing the driver. Later, Ali Akbar took the driver and two passengers to Camp Jail, where he is serving as Assistant Superintendent Jail. The jail staff also badly tortured them and they were kept in illegal detention for no less than two hours. In the meantime, worst traffic mess erupted at Ferozepur Road as the stationary bus blocked the traffic on the busy road. Later, Shadman police reached the spot after some motorists contacted the emergency police (Rescue 15) and disclosed the happening to the police. The police went inside the jail and managed to recover the 'abductees. The police took the driver and the passengers to Shadman police and forced them to seek apology from the Assistant Superintendent Jail. But they refused to do so. The victims told the police that they were kept in illegal detention and badly tortured therefore, a case should be registered against the Assistant Superintendent jail. But no case was registered till filing of this report. Further investigations were underway.