It is pretty much obvious that we do not learn anything from history. At least, we have definitely not learnt any lesson from the loss of our eastern wing. To make it worse, we do not even feel sorry, much less ashamed, over it and are not making sincere attempts to avoid something similar happening to Balochistan, a mineral-rich province, the natives of which live in utmost poverty. There have been some half-hearted attempts to win over disgruntled Baloch people but no worthwhile measures, matching the seriousness of the situation, are being taken. In the case of East Pakistan, apart from our own follies, it was India that effectively fished in our troubled waters. But at present times, we have the full crusaders brigade, including India and Israel, who are doing their best to dismember whatever is left of Pakistan, the strongest of all the Muslim states and the only nuclear power in the Muslim world. In addition to grabbing the mineral resources of this region, they also want to establish bases there to tighten the noose against China. If the vultures from the West have descended in the immediate neighborhood, it would not be just for the love of Afghans whom they ostensibly want to give democracy and better living conditions, but their presence there is part of sinister great game. So, when the same Western gang, under the command of 'The Great Satan, as the Iranians like to call the US, (and not entirely without justification I would say) is spreading tentacles in and around our country, it should be an alarming situation for us. Unfortunately, our leaders, both in and out of government, do not seem to be much perturbed over it and are busy giving warm welcome to these 'dignitaries, treating them as our best friends and benefactors. S. R. H. HASHMI, Karachi, November 8.