LAHORE - A Constitutional petition has been filed in the Lahore High Court (LHC) to question the inordinate raise in the sugar prices and to seek a declaration from the court against the rulers that it has come about due their inefficiency and negligence as such they do not merit to stay on the power anymore. The petition has been filed by a citizen through advocate Muhammad Azhar Siddique, inter alia submitting that the current unprecedented and unchecked raise in the sugar price has been caused by the collusion of the government and the profiteers and the hoarders after a common man has already been crushed badly under the wheel of price-hike. He said federal and the provincial government had stuck up in a blame-game leaving the hoarders and the profiteers to mint billions of rupees as the attention of the authorities was not to their activities. He said fundamental rights of the citizens were being badly violated. He said from Article 9 to 28 of the Constitution, fundamental rights of the citizens had been defined to the effect of holding the state responsible for ensuring the provision of all basic necessities of life to the citizens. Article 29 to Article 38 of the Constitution debar the state from framing any policy which is anti-people. But the rulers, he contends, overlooking all that and their responsibilities towards the people, had let loose the profiteers and the hoarders to raise exorbitantly price of the sugar which had resulted today in serious suffering to the masses. Referring to various laws relating to sugar price and the measures to keep them under control the petitioner said, the relevant laws had grossly been violated by increasing the prices of sugar and for that the violators merit punishment of at least 10 years and a fine not less than one million rupees. He also contended that if the millers and the hoarders did not bring down the sugar price their mills should be nationalised. He also suggested formation of committee of the people from cross section to keep a check on the prices of the items of daily use. It may be mentioned here that at present the sugar is being sold out at Rs 125 per kg in retail market.