There is quite a commotion in the National Assembly over the incident near the presidency in which two guards of the law enforcement agencies asked a ministers to go through the routine security checks. Firstly, let me point it out that the soldiers were not, or did not point their rifles at the National flag, as has been stressed by the ministers. They were only wanted to check their vehicles. However, this incident just gave the ministers a taste of their own medicine. Every flag car and motorcades of ministers cause untold harassment and misery to the people on the roads everyday. Patients trying to reach hospitals in emergency, passengers going to the airports, people going to offices and children on their way to schools etc, all have to go through daily torture by our so-called representatives. I think this is the time to enforce a ban on protocol and motorcades escorting our ministers, bureaucrats and other government members. Great people are always humble and do not needs such lavish security arrangements. AYAZ AHMAD, Rawalpindi, November 9.