LAHORE - After the devastated floods in Pakistan, the media, civil society, armed forces, public health functionaries and government departments have all sprung into action to overcome this grave challenge. In this phase of national crisis, the efforts of the corporate sector are also quite visible, with conscientious companies contributing generously, says a press release. The biggest flood-relief commitment from the corporate sector so far has been provided by Mobilink and its parent-company Orascom Telecom Holding. It has pledged more than Rs. 236 million for a comprehensive rehabilitation program which is one of the largest private sector relief contribution. Teams of Mobilinks volunteer employees have already reached out and helped over 100,000 flood affectees across Pakistan. Additional funds are being generated through salary donations from Mobilink employees and an SMS donation drive for the Mobilink customers, friends and families, adding another 7.6 million Rupees for relief efforts. Relief items distributed by this leading cellular company of Pakistan, include Food-Packs, flour, Daal, Chana, Oil, Sugar, Rice etc. along with Hyginekits containing Soaps, Tooth paste, clothes, Towels, etc. Another conscientious company - Samsung Electronics, has announced a flood relief package worth over $200,000. Besides essential food items, Samsung Pakistan is also distributing LifeStraw - a revolutionary solution to enable easy access to clean drinking water for the homeless families. One unit of LifeStraw can purify up to 1000 litres of contaminated water. Samsung has so far distributed 18,000 units of LifeStraw among the flood victims. Identifying the major issue of drInking water shortage in flooded areas, Samsung came up with LifeStraw as a simple and effective solution. Etihad Airways, the national airline of UAE, has been working closely with the flood relief authorities in Pakistan, to rapidly airlift medical supplies and humanitarian aid from various countries, towards Pakistan.