KARACHI The PPP faced an embarrassing situation in Sindh Assembly when its own lawmaker on Wednesday walked out of house against absence of ministers in Assembly and provincial secretaries in bureaucrats gallery. After recitation from Quran and fateha, Muhammad Nawaz Chandio of the ruling PPP stood on point of order and drew the attention of chair towards majority of the ministers were not present in Assembly, besides absence of Secretaries in gallery. He said that the members were there early in the morning to ensure the attendance, but ministers are not present. He announced token walked out in protest, while late he returned back in the house. Speaker Nisar Ahmed Khuhro ruled out Chandios point and said that ministers are here in assembly, so whatever he said it was not correct. However, later, Sindh Assembly took up a resolution moved by Ghulam Mujadid Isran of PPP pertaining to waive off education fees in flood affected areas of the province. The resolution reads: In view of the unprecedented floods, a major portion of the population of the province has lost everything and the affected people are not in a position to pay the fees of their children for their education, particularly the higher education. On the other hand, the Universities and Boards of the province have enhanced and almost doubled the fees for conducting the examination of 2010, particularly the Bachelors and Masters examination, so the government should announce to waive off or reduce the education fees in the province. Mover of the resolution, Mujadid Isran said that Sindh University had increased the examination fees to every certificate to almost double, which is burden on the poor families who already suffered in recent flood devastation. Minister for Katchi Abadies Rafiq Engineer and Minister for Fisheries argued to send the resolution to standing committee concerned to summon the officials of universities concerned. After discussion, the chair put the resolution before the house, which passed unanimously. However, house also passed another resolution, which says, 'This house resolves and recommends that Shahliani Model Town Garhi Khairo may be changed as Shaheed Benazir Model Town. Later, the chair adjourned the house till Thursday (today).