Actually we need to realize that in growth and development of economy lies our salvation. Secondly, we Pakistanis must know without any doubt, that the easiest and surest way of moving ahead, is to stand on our own feet. Foreign aid, can keep us afloat but wont allow us to swim. Biggest factor in any victory is self- confidence. Terrorism can be tackled by education but only if coupled with economic emancipation. As such, the nation must embark upon the following agenda, without any loss of time. (a) Request to all foreign donors for a 5 years moratorium, on all debt repayment by Pakistan. (b) 20% per annum reduction in all non-developmental govt expenditure, plus total freeze in all perks paid from the national exchequer, involving foreign currency. (c) Increase in productivity and exports with liberal tax relief to industry, commerce and trade. (d) Target for 20% per annum increase in foreign remittances, by offering innovative incentives to expatriate Pakistanis. SYED NAYYAR UDDIN AHMAD, Lahore, November 1.