ISLAMABAD The Supreme Court, Wednesday, allowed a committee formed to decide modalities for the disposal of the property of the main accused Sh Afzal in the Haris Steel Mills case and proceed in the matter even if his representative does not participate in the process. A three-member bench comprising Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, Justice Tariq Pervaiz and Justice Ghulam Rabbani was hearing Rs9 billion scam of Haris Steel Mills. The three-member salvage committee, comprising Justice (R) Jamshaid Ali Shah, Uzair Bhandari, representative of Sheikh Afzal family and Usmani of BoP, was constituted to decide about the modalities for the disposal of property of Sh Afzal, main accused in Haris Steel Mills fraud case and property matters. The court in the last hearing had directed Sheikh Afzals family to handover the possession of their property to the Bank of Punjab (BoP) within three days. Khwaja Haris, counsel for BoP, told the court that due to non-cooperation of the family of Sheikh Afzal, process of receiving property to complete the plea bargain could not be completed. He said that Uzair Bhandari, representative for Afzals family did not come to attend the meetings, therefore, his properties could not be sold. The court, however, on the request of Afzals counsel allowed his son to participate in the process of selling immovable assets. Anwar Kamal counsel of Sheikh Afzal told that his client had entered into a contract to voluntarily return money in three instalments. We have defaulted in two instalments and have to deposit third on December 11 and in this regard have given an advertisement in the newspapers. Haris requested the apex court that as Sheikh Afzal failed to fulfil his commitment therefore NAB should be directed to initiate criminal proceedings against him. Sheikh Afzal had agreed to return the defaulted money through a plea bargain. Anwar stated that as NAB occupied Afzals properties within and outside Pakistan therefore no one was ready to buy them, adding therefore they could not fulfil his commitment with the bank. He said that they have filed an application in this regard in the apex court on 4th July 2010, which is still pending. The chief justice remarked first the court had to see how far Afzals family had implemented the order and directed Anwar Kamal to approach NAB authorities for the redressal of their grievances and disposed of his application. Sheikh Afzals counsel complained that his client was being discriminated. The court directed the IGP Prison and Home Department to treat Sh. Afzal in accordance with the jails rules.