LAHORE - After conclusion of the inquiry into the alleged assassination plot against Chief Justice of Lahore High Court, Khawaja Muhammad Sharif, Punjab Governor Salman Taseer has written a letter to the latter requesting him to take suo moto notice of the non-compliance of notices by Punjab Government officials to appear before the inquiry officer of the FIA, and the alleged death threats from superiors, and coaxing and coercing of Sub Inspector Shakeel Hassan to force him to claim and confess that he wrote the controversial report. Disclosing contents of the letter to the journalists at a news conference held at Governors House on Wednesday, he said that he had asked LHC Chief Justice to take cognizance of the matter which was of paramount importance. He was accompanied by senior PPP leaders including Samiullah Khan, Aurangzeb Burki, Dr. Hasnaat Shah, provincial minister Dr. Tanvirul Islam, Asghar Gujjar and Hafeez Malik. Taseer has further requested the CJ in his letter to inquire from the Punjab government about the person responsible for leaking the fake report from the Chief Ministers Secretariat and playing it up by a journalist. The Governor has also desired in the said letter, copies of which were also made available to media, that CJ should issue stern directions to the provincial government to provide proper security to him and his family. Taseer told reporters that FIA inquiry team had concluded its report, but unfortunately, the Punjab Government did not cooperate with the inquiry officer of the FIA. He said that Dr Tauqir Shah, Secretary to Chief Minister and Rana Maqbool Ahmad, Secretary Prosecution Department, did not comply with the notices issued by the inquiry officer to appear before him in this regard, he added. The Governor has told the CJ that on his part he had ensured that the Principal Secretary to Governor, Sardar Ahmad Nawaz Sukhera and Dr. Fakhar-ud-Din Chaudhry, Secretary Information, PPP, Punjab, appeared before the inquiry officer of the FIA in response to the first notice received by them. Quoting from the 449-page fact finding report submitted on behalf of the FIA inquiry team, and as published in a section of the Press, the Governor has written to the CJ that inquiry report had concluded that the Special Branch report, which had warned of a possible attack to assassinate the CJ, was 'un-verifiable on account of the reason that proof of despatch of the alleged report by the office of the Additional 1G Special Branch had not been made available. Again, citing from the FIA report, he further told the Chief Justice that it was yet to be ascertained as to whether the controversial CID report was an official document of the Special Branch, Punjab or otherwise. The mere fact that such a report was received by the Chief Ministers Secretariat does not confirm its official status, says the inquiry report as stated by the Governor, and which stated further that Chief Ministers Secretariat had not provided any documented evidence to-date in support of their claim that the same report was received from the office of the Additional Inspector General, Special Branch, Punjab. The report also referred to conflicting statements recorded by Col (Retd). Ehsan, the head of the Special Branch at the time of generation of the said controversial source report in question, which led to the implication of Shahid Mahmood, Director R&A Special Branch and Sub Inspector Shakeel Hassan in its initiation. The findings by the FIA have noted that Sub Inspector Shakeel Hassan, a cancer patient, was tortured, threatened and then offered a bribe to fall in line and confess before the Inquiry Commission that he had issued the source report. The Sub Inspector revealed that Shahid Mahmood had summoned him and told him to accept that he had written the report. The report confirmed that Punjab Government did not cooperate with the FIAs inquiry officer in his investigations or interviews of top officers of the Punjab Government, even though their testimonies could have provided vital clues to uncover the source of the CID report. 'Summons to record statement before the Supreme Court mandated inquiry team have been disregarded, despite five reminders to the Chief Secretary, Punjab requesting him to direct the concerned officers to appear before the commission to record their statements. 'They include: Dr. Syed Tauqir Shah, Secretary to Chief Minister, Punjab, Ahmed Raza Sarwar, Additional Secretary / PSO to Chief Minister, Punjab, Rana Maqbool Ahmed, Secretary Prosecution, SP, CIA, UmarVirk, SP, Sarfraz Virk, DSP Fayyaz Ahmed, says another extract from FIA report sent to the CJ by the Governor. The inquiry report further brings on record that the Punjab Government maintains a suspicious silence on the issue, evidenced by the refusal on the part of officials close to the Sharif brothers to appear before the inquiry team, whereas the Sub Inspector implicated in initiation of the source report alleges receiving death threats from his superiors, who forced him to claim that he wrote the faulty source report. 'Dear Mr. Chief Justice, let me assure you that this irresponsible and delinquent attitude of the Provincial Government of the Punjab is not unique to this case only. The respect in which it holds the rule of law is visible not just in their refusal to cooperate with the inquiry officer in this case, but also in administrative decisions like posting of a court absconder as Secretary Prosecution of the Punjab. I am amazed at the audacity of the political leadership and the government officials concerned as demonstrated through their non-cooperation with the officer inquiring into the alleged plot of assassination of the Honble Chief Justice of the Provincial Lahore High Court, Taseer has written to the CJ. During the course of his news conference, Taseer said that during the tenure of Rana Maqbool Ahmad as Inspector General of Police, Sindh, a number of cases of contrived assassinations took place, which were subsequently put on political persons. 'The instant case appears to be an exact replica of the same style of working, he observed, adding, that the murder of Hakim Said followed the same pattern where the same delinquent officer identified the accused in suspicious circumstances. He believed that Chief Justice will surely take action on his letter on merit. To a question, he said he would also write a letter to Punjab CM afterwards. Accusing Punjab government of promoting a bad culture of governance, he said it was only his temperament to work with it. 'It seems someone like 'Khark Singh runs this government, Taseer said, adding, that a group of schemers constituted in Punjab, and which included Rana Maqbool, Jahanzeb Burki and Major Mushtaq, were busy conspiring against PPP government. Referring to an old case against Punjab CM, the Governor said that in 1997-1998, sons of Saeed of Sabzazar were brutally murdered in which Chief Minister was directly involved and in the same era many people had been killed by the police on the orders of the then Chief Minister. Here are some more excerpts from Governors letter to the LHC CJ. 'It is with regret that I share with you that this scant regard for the Constitutional and legal obligations is not peculiar to your case only. Although the provincial government is bound to provide the law and order and intelligence reports to the Governor under the Constitution and the provisions of the Punjab Government, Rules of Business, 1974, yet the provincial government sto-pped furnishing such reports to me since June, 2009, despite my office having reminded them of their legal duties in this regard. 'Not only has the provincial government failed to act according to its Constitutional and legal obligations, they showed extreme callousness by not even informing me or my staff of certain specific threats to my person and the Governors House, even though the provincial government was quick to alert all the other persons also threatened in that case. 'Dear Mr. Chief Justice, in the present environment of the ongoing war on terror, the importance of ensuring security of the Constitutional office holders is certainly a paramount duty of the Government. I am of the firm view that no delinquency and slackness should be tolerated by any organ of the State in this regard, Taseer added.