LAHORE - The British Council has unveiled a new initiative within the Mirpur Division on Monday November 8th called ~Apna Forum, says a press release. With around 70pc of all British Pakistanis hailing from the Mirpur region and around 10,000 people migrating from Mirpur to the UK annually, Apna Forum works to develop young people and build stronger, more connected communities in Mirpur and the UK and closely engaging the Diaspora. The 'Apna Forum initiative works by raising awareness about opportunities for young people to develop their skills and education and get active in their communities through four global British Council Programmes and other similar new initiatives. Skills for Employability helps people become better equipped to join the workforce. The Youth Enterprise Challenge enables students of technical and vocational colleges to produce innovative business solutions to local problems. The Apna Forum brand is being launched at the Azad and Jammu Kashmir final of the Youth Enterprise Challenge this week.