On Eid morning, suicide bombers attacked government officials and commoners during and after prayer congregations in Afghanistan and Pakistan killing scores of people. These depressing attacks shall be read in conjunction with further distressing news coming in from Nigeria. This Friday attacks by the Nigerian militant group Boko Haram in the town of Damaturu caused more than 100 casualties. Boko Haram is a new face of terror on the continent of Africa. Boko Haram which means 'Western education is a sin is coming up with same slogans and tactics as used by their brethren in Afghanistan. The group draws support from the poverty stricken parts of North Nigeria where lack of education and economic opportunities are providing a fertile ground for terrorists recruitment. Its a difficult situation for Nigerian government. It has to face not only the terrorists to rein in their activities but also to take steps to convince general public in their strongholds of importance of education and healthcare. These terrorists are even opposed to vaccination drives (a stark resemblance with Afghan Taliban). Boko Haram is playing with fire in a country which has a long history of tense relationship between the Muslims and Christians. If Nigerian government fails to take a firm and stern action against terrorists at this stage, one wonders where the Nigeria would head after Boko Haram succeeds in throwing the country in sectarian fire. The world doesnt need another Somalia in the region MASOOD KHAN, Saudi Arab, November 9.