Bangladesh is considering withdrawing a complaint about a European move to grant beneficial import conditions to Pakistani textile makers as an aid measure following Pakistan's floods last year, a senior Bangladeshi official said. Europe and Pakistan had expected a long-announced plan for trade preferences for Pakistani textile makers to be approved during a meeting of trade diplomats in Geneva this week, but a Bangladeshi complaint halted the move. Pakistan was being granted the beneficial import conditions to its textile makers as an aid measure following devastating floods in the South Asian country last year. Bangladeshi officials said their Pakistani counterparts had "unofficially" raised the matter on the sidelines of an ongoing South Asian leaders' summit on this remote Maldivian atoll. "I will check with Geneva ... as far as I know we are supposed to withdraw this (complaint)," Bangladesh Foreign Secretary Mohamed Mijarul Quayes said. "There has been some informal discussion on this here with the Pakistani officials," he said. "They have asked us unofficially about it and we have told them we are checking and will get back to them. So discussions are on to find out a way." Islamabad called Dhaka's objections to the beneficial import conditions for its textile makers "an accident".