RAWALPINDI - A number of underage boys have accused an official of the Punjab Prisons Department of sodomizing them and making videos of the immoral activity in a bid to blackmail their families. The victims also said that they did not lodge a complaint with the police due to the social stigma and the fear from parents of this immoral activity. A school-going victim, aged 15, who requested anonymity, while talking to this scribe claimed that he was sexually assaulted by Malik Adnan alias Malyara some days ago at a flat on Adyala Road. He said that Malik Adnan was in police department and had threatened him of uploading the video on Youtube, distributing it among his family members and implicating his father in false cases if he leaked the secret. My father is a jeweller in Sarafa Bazaar. Malik Adnan demands money from me and I paid thousands of rupees to escape consequences, he said. When asked as to why he did not inform his father or police, the boy said: I have my family and friends. How will I face them after sharing the shameful information with them? Many other boys also told this scribe similar stories about Malik Adnan. A video has also been provided to TheNation. According to the source, Malyara, who was serving in Adyala Jail, used to go to video games in different areas of Adyala Road, where many children come to play games. He trapped them and then subjected them to sexual assault. Malik Adnan threatened them of imprisoning them if they did not obey or shared the information with anyone else. Adnan, however, denies the allegations as a conspiracy against him. I have hundreds of friends and enemies in the locality of Adyala Road. I dont know who has recorded this video and provided it to you (the scribe), he said. According to a report, he has now been transferred from Adyala to Attock Jail. DIG Prisons Shaukat Ferozs version could not be obtained as his phone was switched off.