TheUnited Stateshas very successfully brainwashed a vast majority of us. it has convinced us that freedom fighters are terrorists and that occupation does not lead to terrorism. It has even made us forget how all this started. We are looking at the effect but are ignoring the cause.Famous Palestinian writer Edward Said, a man of peace all his life was forced to say at the end, There are two occasions when a man is forced to kill. If his house is forcibly occupied and if his son is killed. In a war the two sides use whatever weapons they have and whatever means of delivery of those weapons they have. The aggressors have smart bombs and fast planes for delivering them, while the vanquished ones have only their homemade bombs and their own bodies as the delivery vehicle. Most of the terrorism in the world today is the result of USoccupation of Muslim lands. KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, November 8.