Lahore - Prominent artist and social worker Jimmy Engineer has said that he regards mural on great poet and philosopher Allama Muhammad Iqbals collection of Persian poetry Javid Nama as his major artistic achievement. In a telephonic conversation with group of his journalist friends here, Jimmy Engineer said that he has been painting for about four decades and has created hundreds of paintings over the years but he considers doing mural to transform Javid Nama in colours and series of Pakistan Movement paintings to highlight Muslims exodus to their new Motherland as his major artistic achievements which had given him recognition and appreciation, both nationally as well as internationally. He said that it had taken him about one year to transform Javid Nama into a mural of 10 x 15 feet size on the wall of bungalow of Dr Javed Iqbal on the Main Boulevard in Gulberg here. He said that he had started this challenging task in 1981 and completed in 1982 and all this time, he had stayed at Dr Javed Iqbals residence. Jimmy said that the great poet and philosopher in a letter to his son Dr Javed Iqbal had written that in the first instance, no artist will ever be able to transform Javid Nama in colours on the canvass or a mural and if anyone accomplishes this, then he will attain international fame and reputation. He said that a number of foreign and local artists had tried their hands during the life time of Allama Muhammad Iqbal and even afterwards but had failed to accomplish the task. He said that he had undertaken the task as a challenge and was able to complete it one year with the blessings of Almighty Allah. As regards his famous and popular Pakistan Movement series of paintings, Jimmy Engineer said that in early 1970s, he had started having bad dreams of bloodshed and violence for days together. He had mentioned this to many people including Sufi Barkat of Risalewala near Faisalabad who advised him to start paintings what he was seeing in dreams. He said that accordingly he had created several big paintings showing different aspects of Muslims sufferings and sacrifices while migrating from undivided India to their new motherland Pakistan which they had achieved in 1947 under the inspiring leadership of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He said that when he was working on a huge canvass, after already completing a number of them, dreams stopped coming and he had left that canvass incomplete there and then. Jimmy maintained that he is proud of being the artist who had transformed Javid Nama into a mural and having done series of paintings which are now known as the Pakistan Movement paintings though all his art work is internationally and nationally recognized and appreciated. He said that huge Pakistan Movement paintings carry heavy price in the international market and as such to ensure their security and to preserve them as well, he mostly exhibits canvass prints of these paintings within the country and abroad. When asked about his activities as a social worker and peace activist, Jimmy Engineer told his journalist friends that about that, he would be talking to them some other time.