RAHIM YAR KHAN - Due to the negligence of traffic police, city roads have been strewn with unregistered motorcycle-rickshaws being driven by those below 18 years of age. This has given rise to increased number of accidents. Residents of the district have demanded the authorities to act against the Traffic Police Department that has failed to ensure smooth and safe mobility of motorists, commuters and pedestrians. It is learnt that many motorcycle-rickshaws are unregistered and their drivers even do not possess a licence as they are below 18. Tape recorders and other music equipment are also installed in these motorcycle-rickshaws. One can hardly hear a horn in the dissonance of these tape recorders which are played on high volume. These drivers are untrained and traffic police are taking no notice of the situation. When contacted, Traffic Police Departments PRO Shakeel Ahmed claimed that wardens performed their duties honestly, adding that young drivers were challaned many times. He opined that the government should increase fine from Rs200 to Rs500 in order to restrict such juvenile acrobats and fast driving.