LAHORE Newly-elected Supreme Court Bar Association Secretary Muhammad Aslam Zar has expressed a strong desire for unification of all factions of Muslim League. Aslam Zar, a veteran Muslim Leaguer, says combined Muslim League is his dream for which he will continue his efforts. Speaking to TheNation after meeting with Nawa-i-Waqt Group Editor-in-Chief Majid Nizami here on Thursday, Aslam Zar laid emphasis on taking the lawyers into political folds and awarding them ticket for the election. He said out of the seven prime ministers the country had from 1947 to 1958 six were barrister who held a character unblemished of corruption and other charges. He credited his victory as Secretary SCBA to the unity of PML factions in his favour and gave estimation about how much it could be effective to win the general election. He said out of total 2,200 Bar votes, 1,600 were polled of which he secured 1,000 and the rival nearest to him had only 400 votes. He said Professional Group lawyers also gave him votes in addition to the PML affiliated lawyers. Unity of the PML lawyers at the level of Bar Councils and Bar Associations is my prime mission so that no PML-affiliated lawyer running in the election can face opposition of other from the same party, Zar added. He reckoned disunity and differences of the PML lawyers a main factor behind the defeat of their candidates in the bar elections. Aslam Zar said unification of PML factions at the political plain may be out of his reach, yet he would direct his efforts towards bringing the Muslim League lawyers to one platform. In the same breath he regretted the fact that PML lawyers had almost nil presence of office bearers at the level of bar councils and bar associations in the smaller provinces. As to their position in Punjab, he said, it was negligible for they did not have any position to reckon with. To a question he said as Secretary SCBA, he would complete the projects initiated by the outgoing body of the Bar for the welfare and betterment of the community. The agenda of SCBA, he said, contains rule of law, independence of judiciary, supremacy of the Constitution, security of the human rights and to lead the country to progress and prosperity with the Islamic values of forward looking thoughts. To another question he expressed the possibility of the next election being contested on the slogan of end to corruption. He also wished that the PML leadership of any faction, should present itself for accountability before anyone other. He also announced to lend maximum support to the efforts for abolishing corruption in the country.