Chief Minister Punjab, Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has directed the district governments and law enforcement authorities to launch crack down against kites flyers and people engaged in illegal business. The Chief Minister Punjab took strict notice of death of Asif 25, who was killed after chemical string used for kite flying cut his throat, at Multan Road near Mandi stop locality of Sabzazar a couple of days earlier. He also suspended the DSP, SHO and TMO for negligence towards their duties and warned others that they would meet the same fate if they showed any careless in fulfilling responsibilities. Its worth mentioning that the deceased hailing from Kot Lakhpat was the only bread earner of the family. Addressing a meeting of the administration officials, Mian Shahbaz Sharif said that kite flying was nothing but threat to public lives and wastage of money. He said that provincial government had banned the kites flying to protect public lives and properties but some elements inside the government extend support for the dangerous game due to which provincial government has to face difficulties in implementing the decision. The Chief Minister Punjab said that kites flying and its business would not be tolerated at all and violators would be dealt with iron hands. He said district government would be held responsible for any mishap in future. Shahbaz Sharif urged to make the local committees functional to point out the kite flyers and elements involved in the illegal business. The Chief Minister also ordered a detailed inquiry and for presenting him the report of Sabzazar incident.