BERLIN (INP) - The radical Taliban militia is expected to take part at next months international conference on Afghanistan in Germany, the daily Mitteldeutsche Zeitung cited Germanys special envoy on Afghanistan Michael Steiner as saying on Thursday. According to the paper, Steiner had told the Defence Committee of the German Parliament on Wednesday that the organisers of the Afghanistan conference were not opposed to the presence of Taliban at the high-profile meeting, scheduled to be held in Bonn from December 5-8. German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle had earlier this month left open the possibility of inviting the radical Taliban militia to the conference on Afghanistans political future. Asked in an exclusive interview, if Taliban would be invited to the meeting on Afghanistan, he replied: 'I will not speculate about that. 'What is certain is that the issue of the internal reconciliation process has to be driven first by the Afghans themselves. Peace in Afghanistan can only be agreed between the parties and groupings in Afghanistan, he added. Germany has in the past been the venue for behind-the-scenes talks between the US and Taliban, according to Press reports. The German government will be hosting the international Afghanistan conference, exactly 10 years after staging the first Afghanistan meeting -dubbed the 'Petersberg Conference- which was held following the fall of the Taliban regime. Featuring the attendance of Foreign Ministers and political representatives from 85 countries, the meeting is also to assess rebuilding efforts in the war-stricken country.