Pakistan and Iran have for long enjoyed excellent bilateral relations. But the recent years particularly after the 9/11 Twin Towers tragedy, they have soured a little. The latest example of this is the restriction imposed by Tehran on the use of Iranian airspace by Pakistan International Airline for its external flights. The argument put forward by Tehran is that PIA has failed to clear the over flying charges. The total amount of the unpaid charges is six million dollars. One hopes that the Pakistani Foreign Office would make a serious attempt to find out as to what made Iran to go for such an extreme measure for such a petty amount. Not only this, it is also relevant to know whether Tehran had given any reminder or a warning to Pakistan before deciding to stop the PIA aircraft over-flying its territory. There is no doubt that if Tehran sticks to its decision, it would badly affect the PIAs Haj operation. The PIA planes would have to take a much longer route which would mean causing the already sinking national carrier greater financial loss. It is quite likely that Iran may be annoyed with Pakistan for several reasons, with the near abandonment of the gas pipeline project example of such an irritant. It has already laid its part of the pipeline almost up to the Pakistan border. But, unfortunately, our leadership is shying away from the project under US pressure. The other issue that might have upset Iran is the allegation that American CIA is funding Jindollah operatives in Balochistan who are encouraging anti-revolution forces. Whatever the case, it is necessary that Pakistani and Iranian leaderships should resolve such contentious issues so that no outside power could take advantage of their rift. The need of the hour is to revive the excellent equation that existed between the two countries in the past, which was based on brotherly love and the cultural homogeneity of the two peoples. Tehran should be mindful of the fact that it under no circumstances allows India to take advantage of the strains in our relations.