Our TV channels have played a very important role in exposing the plight of the suffering citizens, the corruption and mismanagement in our government, through their investigating reporting and Talk Shows. However, for the last few months, as the election date grows closer, the Talk Shows have become shriller and louder and have turned into a platform for mudslinging. Being a regular viewer, I switch from channel to channel and try to find a program, in which I can hear and understand what the participants are talking about, but unfortunately, most of them of them have become, incomprehensive, ugly brawls. Such embarrassing behavior exposes the inherent character drawback in our politicians, as they are hell bent on point scoring and playing to the galleries. I suppose their bosses assume that the louder and uglier these mudslinging, brawls are, the better the rating. However, they seem to forget that foreigners and diplomats also watch some of these programs and find them amusing, but are surprised to see senior ministers and politicians behaving in such a manner and using such un-parliamentarian language. As such, I suggest that to maintain a certain degree of decorum and civilized behavior, the host of the talk shows should have a switch which controls the sound and a red and green light for each speaker. Each guest should be told to speak only when the green light is on, during which time their sound will be turned on and they will be given three to five minutes to present their point of view. Once the green light is turned off and the red light turned on, their sound should also be turned off by the host, so that the other speakers are given their turn without interruptions. This way, the viewers and the participants will be able to understand the issue under discussion and enjoy the program. HAMID MAKER, Helpline Trust, November 4.