ISLAMABAD – National Poet Allama Iqbal was paid rich tribute for his unique wealth of literary work for nation building, self-realisation, and motivation, at an exclusive gathering here on Saturday to mark the Iqbal Day.

On the occasion, Humaira Massihuddin, an ardent Iqbal follower, narrated famous poems of Iqbal to enthral the audience comprising intellectuals, policymakers, bureaucrats, executives of private sector and a big segment of youth.

She talked to the audience about Iqbal’s vision and faith that inculcated a sense of motivation and self-realisation among the Muslim masses and youth of the Subcontinent. Massihuddin said that Iqbal’s poetry did not only inspire the Muslims not only of the subcontinent but it also the entire Muslim Ummah and the intellectuals and leaders of the world.

The gathering concluded with a session of quiz mainly for youth who participated and enlightened the audience about their knowledge and association of Iqbal’s work in their vision. The famous Iqbal work narrated included Masjid-e-Qartaba, Khizr-e-Raah, Sultan Tipu Ki Waseeat and Chand or Taaray.

On the occasion, Israa Wassay, Director of Chaaye Khana, said that Iqbal had dreamed about an independent state for Muslims of the Sub-Continent and he had produced such a high level of poetry for the Muslim Ummah and Muslim youth which should be followed to complete his dream of a prosperous Pakistan.

It is very important to hold gatherings not only to tribute the glorious work of Dr Iqbal but also to teach his poetry to our next generation who can change the destiny of the nation in the light of the great poet’s vision.