No single institution can decide on any national issues all on its own. The COAS has to go along with his team of generals while taking or making a decision as does the Chief Justice of Pakistan who has to consult his team of judges. The Prime Minister has to go along with his cabinet. Instead of quoting them, which can be misconstrued, the media should show more restrain in publicising statements that can have an adverse effect on the different parts of the national institutions, and may bring them to loggers-heads. ‘Divide and rule’ was used by our enemies; we must not play into their hands again and destroy our country that is already on the brink of civil war with rising prices, fuel shortages and the unending corruption. Can we focus on more pressing issues instead of the ongoing story of ‘you said’- ‘he said’ and ‘I said’?GHULAM OMAR, Islamabad, November 7.