JEDDAH - Pakistan Repatriation Council (PRC) last evening held program in Kababish restaurant on 135th birth anniversary of Pakistan’s thinker, philosopher and poet Dr Allama Mohammad Iqbal. Dr Prof Francis Lamand President of Islam and the West was Chief Guest and presided, Dr Tahir Hameed Tanoli, Assistant Director of Iqabl Academy, Lahore Pakistan) was the Guest of Honour. Other guests and speakers included Dr Man Hashrni, Chairman Majlise lqbal of Urdu Markaz, Riaz Ghummar, Chairman of Pak Saudi Friendship Society, Dr Athar Naqvi renowned poet and scholar, Engr Azeez Ahmed General Secretary Pakistan Engineers Society, Engr lftikhar Choudhry Chairman Halqae Yaran Watan, Engr Syed Mahmood Akhter Convener Engineers Welfare Forum, Community leaders Shaikh Mohammad Luqman, Rohail A Khan, Tariq Mahmoud, Engr Resheed Chishti of Pak Saraiki Forum.

Dr Francis Lamand said that he is studying Allama lqbal from his university level fifty years ago and he is “proud to say to be his servant”. He said that the Europe is thankful to lqbal for elaborating the message of renowned Philosopher Fredrick Nietzsche and poet William Goethe. He said that Iqbal was the bridge between the West and the East and West and Islam since no one else presented that concept better than him so we consider him not to limit as poet of the East but he was “a Universal poet and philosopher”. He has the honour to organise Symposium on Dr Allama lqbal in Qurtoba with special permission of Pope which was attended by world’s renowned dignitaries and admirer of lqbal, then he was given the title of “Allama Lamand”.

Dr Tahir Hameed Tanoli said that we have two undisputed personalities i.e. Quaid-i-Azam who gave Pakistan and Allama lqbal without whose message we can’t establish the objective of Pakistan. He said lqbal’s main role can be classified in three dimensions i.e. as Poet, as Philosopher and as a national leader which motivated subcontinent to unite as a nation. Upon death of lqbal in 1938, Quaid-i-Azarn replied to a question that if he had a country versus lqbal he would have opted for lqbal. lqbal’s popular collection “ Jawednama” has collected core of religion in his poems. He even made some of the Quranic terminology in Urdu which no other language than Arabic could do e.g. elaborate concept of world of AMR and world of KHALQ. He in fact is the only Islamic scholar after Shah Waliullah who advocated Islam in subcontinent in his poem. He said that we can get out of the present complicated situation if we adhere to the teaching of lqbal.

Chairman Majlise lgbal Dr Man Hashmi praised Dr Francis Lamand for his work on Allama lqbal and serving the cause of Islam in Europe. He also praised Dr Tahir Tanoli for attending the program. His elaborated Allama lqbal’s few poems and said that his Persian poetry has more depth and effectiveness than Urdu poetry. His message was to Muslims to awake against all evils. He said what we see the role of Imperialism (Chengiziat ) today was visioned by lqbal before even 2nd world war, Afghan, Iraq and other wars. He mentioned that if we fail to adhere to Iqbal’s message it will be difficult to maintain our integrity.

Dr Athar Naqvi presented write up on Dr Allama lqbal and analysed his different aspect of poetry with special message to Muslims of subcontinent.

Renowned social worker and writer Rohail A Khan said that Allama lqbal’s message is as good today as it was in last century when he presented and it is practical guidelines to Muslims specially the younger generation to adapt for success. His message is that if we adhere to Quran and Sunnah then God will allow to build your own fate.

Hamid Islam Khani started the event by welcoming the guests. He said that PRC is objective to project solution to the issue of Kashmir and stranded Pakistanis and to celebrate national days collectively without party affiliation.

Riaz Ghumman Choudhry, Chairman Pakisan Saudi Friendship Society, Business community leader Shaikh Luqman praised the role of Iqbal not only in his poetry but also awakening the Muslims of subcontinent to seek a homeland for Muslims.

Convener Ehsanul Haque thanked Dr Francis Lamand, Dr Tahir Tanoli, Dr Irfan Hashmi arid other speakers arid poets in paying tribute to Dr Allama lqbal. He said we can’t cover lqbal’s message in short time but due to learned speakers, we tried our best to achieve our objective of the event. He said that while remembering we need commit ourselves to carry the mission of Iqbal and Quaid for the establishment of true Islamic welfare estate.

He thanked President Zardari for nominating Dr Lamand for Tamghai lmtiaz (Award of Excellence) for his services to Islam and Pakistan.

Renowned poets Syed Mohsin Alavi, Abdul Qayyum Waseq and Zamurrad Khan presented poems in tribute to Allama lqbal.

Following resolutions were approved by the audience:

1.  We urge to establish “Iqbal Research University” to offer advance knowledge to new generation about the objective and mission of creating Pakistan.

2. Pakistan government should pursue UN for plebiscite in Kashmir according to its resolution. India should also remove its forces from there. Kashmiri leadership must be included in all the negotiation between India and Pakistan.

3.  We urge President Zardari and Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf to reactivate the Rabita Trust (frozen in October 2001) and restart the process of repatriation and rehabilitation. To overcome paucity of fund, should implement PRC proposal of settlement of stranded Pakistanis on self finance basic”. Bangladesh should be included in Trust to play its role in solving the issue. Pakistani High Commissioner at Dhaka should be assigned to take care of Food, health, life and security of quarter million Pakistanis stranded in Bangladesh. OlC should include in its agenda the issue of settlement of stranded Pakistanis.

4. We urge Bangladesh to stop demolishing the Geneva camp until their issue resolved. Bangladesh should approach UNHCR, MWL and other organisations to extend welfare to them until they are in camps to alleviate their miseries. Bangladesh should also apologise for mistreating Pakistanis and torture done by Mukti Bahinis to patriotic Pakistanis during and after their war of freedom.

5. We praise “Nawa-i-Waqt Fund for stranded Pakistanis” which has sent over 100 million rupees in 10 years to alleviate their miseries. MWDO, OBAT helpers (USA) also doing commendable job by extending welfare to them. We urge charitable organisations like Eidhi Trust, subsidiary of Jamaat-e-lslami, MOM, Tehrik-i-lnsaaf e.g. Khidmate Khalq, Al-Khidniat arid others to extend the welfare to those oppressed Pakistanis.

The function was conducted by PRO’s secretary general Abdul Qayyum Waseq. Recitation from Holy Quran was made by Qari Abdul Majeed while Naat was recited by Mohsin Alavi.                    (contributed)