BHAKKAR - Some 763,583 wheat sacks worth millions of rupees have been stored under the open sky at 14 centres of the Food Department, thereby putting the huge quantity of wheat at stake in case of rainfall, it is learnt.The department’s warehouses have the capacity to store only 270,968 wheat sacks. Thus, the remaining wheat stock is lying under the open sky. Some of the warehouses are situated in the far off areas where insufficient staff to guard the stock has been deployed while most of them remain absent. Moreover, the food inspectors also remain absent from some warehouses as they have further appointed private staff to discharge their duty. But the private staff does not discharge their duties round the clock and leaves the stock unguarded during the night time. The local people have demanded that the Punjab chief minister, the minister for food and secretary food should look into the matter and take a stern action against the absentees.The government should immediately shift the stock to some covered areas to save the huge quantity in the severe weather. There are 221 wheat stocks at stake in case of rainfall. That’s why the authorities concerned should shift the stock to safer places.According to the official figures of 2012-2013, about 46,046 sacks were stored in Bhakkar-1 food centre, 42,594 sacks in Bhakkar-2, 27,500 sacks in Darya Khan, 17,747 sacks in Kallur Kot, 35,495 sacks in Mankera, 36,539 sacks in 67 ML, 103,000 sacks in the food centre of Notak, 108,195 sacks in Behal, 74,807 sacks in 51 TDA, 59,210 sacks in Barkatwala, 74,223 sacks in Shah Alam, 48,219 sacks in Chandni Chowk, 45,468 sacks in 70 ML and 38,100 sacks in Khansar centre on the ground outside the covered areas. Entry of 55 clerics banned: The entry of 55 religious leaders, belong to various sects, has been banned to the district during Muharram.The restriction has also been imposed on the speeches of 11 religious scholars during the holy month.The religious leaders whose entry has been banned include: Abdul Ghaffar Taunsavi, Umar Haidery, Shahadat Ali Tahir, Sultan Mehmood Zia, Abdul Ghafoor, Muhammad Ahmed Ludhianvi, Abdul Majeed Nadeem, Kifayat Hussain Naqvi, Asmatullah, Kalim Ullah, Sohail Abbas Naqvi,Qari Ahmed Shoeb, Qari Rab Nawaz,Muhammad Ilyas Ghumman, Khalifa Abdul Qayyum, Muhammad Akram, Masood ur Rehman Usmani, Khadim Hussain Dhallun, Abdul Khaliq Rehmani and  Moavia Azam.The names of scholars whose gagging orders have been issued are: Abdul Hameed Khalid, Abdul Ghafoor Haqqani, Manzoor Ahmed Akkasha and others.When contacted the DCO and DPO said that any individual or organisation found violating the rule and creating sectarianism would face strict action.