National culture and heritage has always been protected and promoted by the great nations in the world. Likewise, national dress is an important source of national pride and identity. Even India, a country which is known for its great modern and western inclinations, has been active in promoting its own culture and traditions. We can always observe their politicians and parliamentarians wearing their national and traditional dresses everywhere. The Jinnah cap and Sherwani were often worn and greatly liked by our founder Quaid-i-Azam. It was later officially declared as the Quaid’s dress. After the death of Quaid-i-Azam, most politician and especially Muslim Leaguers used to wear Jinnah cap and Sherwani. Leaders like Liaquat Ali Khan, Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar and Ayub Khan often wore Jinnah cap in their public appearances. This tradition of wearing the Qauid’s dress has become almost extinct with the passage of time. Now no one will be seen wearing the famous Jinnah cap and Sherwani except peons and servants at some government institutions such as the Apex Court, the higher courts, President House, Prime Minister House etc. We can observe these peons and other lower staff wearing Jinnah cap and Sherwani standing at the back of the honorable judges during the court proceedings. The judges choosing to wear a suit and tie, while Jinnah cap and Sherwani are reserved for the lower staff, it is quite regrettable and very embracing. If we can’t honour our Quaid’s dress, then we shouldn’t humiliate and ridicule it like this. MOHSIN RAZA MALIK, Lahore, November 9.