KARACHI (PR) – Can Pakistan progress despite the challenges it faces in term of rapid population growth”? This question and other major demographic and socio-economic challenges facing Pakistan and the strategies required to tackle these challenges were discussed at the Population Association of Pakistan’s 13th Annual Conference on “Population Wellbeing: A Development Imperative”, the inaugural session which was held at the Institute of Business Administration. Muhammad Javed Malik, Federal Secretary Population and Planning, Planning and Development was the chief guest at first session

Javed Malik said that concerted steps were needed to accelerate Pakistan’s growth indicators and reverse the negative trends which were affecting the welfare of its population.

He said efforts were required to reverse the stagnation of contraceptive rate, improve access to services, that will allow us to improve the health outcomes and wellbeing of our people who can play a meaningful role in our development efforts.

Ms. Shahida Azfar President, Population Association of Pakistan, outlined the objectives of the conference. She said that urgent steps were needed to reverse the negative impact of a rapidly growing population that impedes developmental efforts degrades the environment and dilutes economic gain. She stressed the need for adopting a holistic and multi sectoral approach to deal with the population issue.