Please don’t laugh! what I am going to say may sound like a joke, but it is not! Just imagine a fragile weak woman, with three small crying children, aged seven, two and half and a six month old baby going to Afghanistan for Jihad. She was a doctor, educated in the US and having a family life, one wonders what compelled this woman to visit Afghanistan and turn into a Jihadist? This scholarly soft spoken, well educated Dr named Aafia, was a secret Marine or Seal, maybe she was Lady Rambo in Afghanistan. She was able to plan on bombing American installations and maybe their whole Army base? She was a neuroscientist by profession and a graduate of MIT, allegedly went missing for five years before she was discovered in Afghanistan. The prosecution says that she tried to fire at a soldier who was interrogating her.I assure you that her case was one of the most bizarre among many, but the Muslim world and Pakistan authorities remained silent and they still are. How could Musharraf sell this daughter of Pakistan for a few coins, he is worse then Judas who sold Jesus Christ. She was allegedly arrested for snatching the rifle from a 6 and half foot tall strong American soldier, while the fact is that poor Dr. Aafia was shot in the stomach. All her three children were subjected to extreme torture to the extent that poor Ahmad was made deaf and his feet were deformed because of chains in his feet by Western surrogate Karzai’s forces. May we ask President Obama what kind of paradigm is he setting? One day the people in US will see the truth and then all those responsible for the perpetual and extensive torture of this woman will pay a price.I would like to request President Obama to show some humility and release this mother, who has not seen her young children, and recant the harsh 86 year, hard labour sentence. She is a woman, a mother, a daughter and a victim, have some compassion, kindness and benevolence for this could be your sister, your mother, your daughter, if not for the kindness of Allah on you.ANWAR UL HAQUE, Karachi, November 7.