RAWALPINDI  – Residents of the areas alongside Adiala Road are facing serious threat of eruption of epidemics due to non-disposal of offal and waste of sacrificial animals left since Eid-ul-Azha by cantonment board and TMO.

All the areas are littered with offal and other waste of the sacrificial animals and they have started emitting stench with polluting the environment.

“We can not go outside our homes as the clouds of stinking odor are seen hovering over every nook and corner of the area and we the men and women are the easy victims of clusters of stench. We have to face this state of affairs not only out doors but indoors situation is not different. We can sit in the open precincts, as the contaminated atmosphere does not allow us to heave a single breath freely, said a group of residents of the area.

Our tale of woes and agonies has no end as we are also left at the mercy of straying dogs. The scattered offal has invited the scabby-riddled dogs in the area and they have now turned into mobile signs of diseases. Our children cannot go alone to their schools as these dogs chase them and injure them with their fatal bites. Two or three children have to be taken to hospital for vaccination daily due to growing incidents of dog bite, said a group of house wives.

The residents demanded immediate lifting of the offal and other waste of sacrificial animals by TMO otherwise they will be forced to hold protest demonstrations.