LAHORE – Chairman of Chief Minister’s Advisory Committee on Overseas Pakistanis Zubair Gull has said dual nationals should be allowed to become parliamentarians as in the UK.

Gull, himself a Pakistani-Briton, told TheNation that a number of Pakistanis were enjoying representation in the British Parliament and door of assemblies should also be opened for overseas Pakistanis, which will also attract foreign investment.

Gull, whose’ task is to watch over the interests of the Pakistanis abroad and to bridge the gap between the East and the West, urged the Supreme Court to review its decision of barring the overseas Pakistanis to become a legislature in Pakistan. He said the apex court should grant a chance to expatriates so that they could state their opinion on the matter.

He proposed that a procedure should be evolved to sort out the conflicting points between the Pakistani and the foreign law that barred dual national Pakistanis from getting into the assemblies. To a question, he said that Pakistanis abroad were as loyal as the people living in the country, adding that the overseas Pakistanis were more eager to serve the country than the locals.

Gull said that Pakistanis around the world were certain that only Nawaz Sharif could steer the country out of crisis and drive it towards prosperity. “Nawaz Sharif’s services for the country are unique and unmatched and the Pakistanis abroad still admire his role at the time of nuclear tests.”

He said that the rulers were roaming around the world carrying, begging aid, which was a disgrace for Pakistanis. Gull said that overseas Pakistanis were hopeless with the performance of the PPP-led government.

Voicing against terrorism, Gull said that Pakistani community, living abroad, ceaselessly organised events to promote the notion that Pakistan was not a terrorist country but a victims of terrorism and Islam is a religion of peace. “Our efforts are bearing fruit and a soft image of Pakistan is emerging in the UK,” he said.

Gull said that a number of Pakistanis were willing to invest in Pakistan and the country could be greatly beneficiated with that investment. “However, a favourable atmosphere and infrastructure should be in placed to lure those investors into Pakistan.” He also called for setting up separate courts for dealing the matters of foreign investors, saying that the current system of law was unable to deliver quick justice.