NANKANA SAHIB - Extracurricular activities polish students’ skills and increase their ability to prove themselves, it was said during the art and science exhibition held at a school.To encourage and instill creativity into the schoolchildren, the second annual exhibition was held in Nankana Sahib. It was inaugurated by its Regional Director Hafiz Sajid Iqbal accompanied by Director Saleem Ahmed and Head of Department Abdullah Rafiq. Science models, sub-marine, electric boats, solar energy system and many other art pieces attracted the visitors. Social and political personalities appreciated the efforts to hold the exhibition and termed it a step to fuel students’ interest in studies and extracurricular activities. Mr Saleem said that the institution would continue to arrange such activities to enhance the students’ confidence and interests in research and in doing something positive for the country. He also stressed that all the public and private sector institutions should concentrate on the promoting education and development of the country. He also said that the government should increase educational budget up to 5 percent of the GDP instead of 2pc for better future of Pakistan.