LAHORE  - Almost 30 per cent hides go waste due to improper arrangements for their preservations in hot weather during Eid-ul-Azha days.

Eid will come in summer season during next several years and there is a need of starting research for finding out new methods and techniques to preserve hides during three days of Eid, said Chairman Pakistan Tanners Association (PTA) Agha Saiddan here on Saturday.

“Leather industry is unable to preserve such a large number of hides collected during just three days and there is a need of making some extra-ordinary arrangements,” he said.

He said that continuing with old techniques may not help in avoiding the financial loss specially in term of foreign exchange, which the country is facing due to wasting the hides.

He demanded the government to provide funds for research work in this regard.

Agha further suggested that other countries like Brazil, Australia, China, Bangladesh and India have done a lot of research work on leather industry and assistance can also be sought from these countries. He said that a sustainable and long term solution of the issue should be find out.