Millions of young graduates are jobless; 90 percent of the jobless belong to the middle or poor class, while the children of privileged, corrupt, rich upper class get the jobs due to graft or knowing the right person. Still more tragic aspect is the large number of retired persons taking up posts. Mostly these people have taken a golden handshake, with large amounts paid by the organizations, or have retired from government or defense services. They already have an income, as pension, but they are being appointed on seats that could help the fresh graduates. The retired army officers are millionaires by the time they retire and get pensions as well as residences, medical facilities, subsidized education for their children and so many other perks that last for a life time.Same can be said for the retired civil (corrupt) servants who have already pilfered millions. One finds, even after retirement from services for the last thirty or so years, they get into business and they still enjoy all kind of perks and fat pensions. The pension and salaries of defense and public-government sectors have been increased by more than hundred percent, burdening the poor man with more and more taxes thus increasing the price of everything. Despite large salaries, many servants, free electricity and so many more benefits, no government machinery is working. Somehow, this unbridled journey into the dark abyss, that Pakistan is rushing towards, needs to be stopped. We all have to put our heads together and come up with plans to empower the poor and the middle class or we many see a revolution that will equal, if not exceed, the French Revolution in Pakistan.There needs to be changed that enables the educated poor and middle class children to land good jobs on merit. We can save millions or trillions in monitoring this corrupt government, and ask them to curtail their expenses. Review the facilities provided to them (which are more than in any other country), even in economically stable countries such as UK, USA, France government servants do not enjoy the luxuries that our bureaucrats do! Maybe we can break another record, that of most corrupt nation with a highly paid bureaucracy that does nothing!ZAHEER, Dubai, November 7.